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We are a group of volunteers campaigning for better diagnosis and treatment for all those affected by organophosphates used in agriculture. 

We have no membership subscription or outside funding and rely mostly on the collective experience of those who have been bravely battling against the devastating effects of these chemicals for decades.

We hope 2016 will be the year when the farming community comes to realise the impact these insecticides have had on those involved in disease control and that they finally start to get the help and support they urgently need.


Latest News:

   26th May 2016 

letter from George Eustice and his summary of our meeting 

The Guardian report 18/5 on delay in replying to our questions

EFRA's letter to George Eustice and his reply

From April most use of organophosphae chlorpyrifos now banned.

 17th March 2016  

  We have been told by George Eustice that an answer to the question we put to him last November is "expected to be completed and released shortly".

 10th Feb 2016

  We met with Neil Parish, chair of the House of Commons  Environment, Food and Rural Affairs committee  ,                                  our request for an inquiry can be found here.

 Request by PAN for an OP inquiry by the Health Select Committee (chaired by Dr Sarah Wollaston MP) can be found here. 


 31st Jan 2016

  HSE release their 1992 dipping survey (can be found here and here)   with our response to it here.